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Here’s everything I wish I knew when I began my #careerintech as it relates to managing my calendar 📆 , tasks ✅, notes📝, email 📧, reading lists 📚, and my time ⏰.   https://mindthebeet.com/time   

My bona fides on the topic: I love writing and am an info junkie. I’ve built productivity tools for the past 15+ years. I work for a company that priorities x-team collaboration, even if through brute force (I’ll attend 2,000 meetings, receive 7,000 emails, and have 4,000 chats this year). I think we all feel it when the world’s data doubles every seven month and I’ve tried to have a #growthmindset to consuming ever more of it in my career.

To boot, when I first started in tech, I felt behind others in these basics and overwhelmed by the emails, content to read, chats, and tasks to triage. I admired most those who focused on the important over the urgent and never seemed full up in their ability to process massive amount of info collaboratively. I wanted to be like them! It wasn’t natural and took practice.

Can’t say I’m perfect, but I am very proud of this part of my professional development. These basics allowed me to develop higher level skills like product intuition and success in my career. 📈

It’s been a long time on my todo list to write this up and feels good to get the ideas out there. Sure would appreciate a share or subscribe if you find this one helpful - it motivates me to develop my writing passion. ✍️   https://blog.mindthebeet.com/p/how-does-a-product-leader-manage